Something new, something old

998378_10201109665681463_1765788309_nSomething new, something old, something purple… Wait, that’s probably not what you guys were expecting to hear. It’s truly how it went this weekend though. Event weekend with Team in Training and while this Sunday afternoon isn’t as beautiful as Saturday morning was, it’s still a beautiful day. On my way home from our Team practice yesterday, I reflected on a few things. The weekend, the Race, my beautiful Fall team, the pains in my ass… Cramping sucks, but it’s a great reminder of work done and enough to make me happy to put up with it.

That and the thanks I’ve heard all weekend from friends new and old who have told me what a big difference I have made in their fitness journey. Saturday marked my 12th half marathon race and the 2nd of those that I was unofficially on the course as a sweeper for Team in Training. Sweeper is one of those weird terms that basically means I am the cheerleader for the slowest of the participants on the half marathon course. I am there to cheer them on, cheer them up and make sure they can get to the finish line as safely as possible. I do this because these people inspire me and remind me of why I am running. Of what it’s like to dig deep into yourself to reach a goal. During this race, I even got to do it with a Coaches bib instead of just a race number. Yesterday it was coming to practice and talking to those that I mentor about practice & race strategies and even hearing from one participant how little things I’ve done have helped push her from a Marathon Walker to a Marathon run/walker. It’s the little things. Your 2013 Sweepers


Just as inspiring are the friends I’ve made over the years who were on the course or at practice yesterday. Who told me thank you for the words of encouragement or advice I’ve offered over the duration of our relationship. Let me tell you that as a 184lb woman who has yet to fully run a 5k, this really touches my heart. I’ve been on this fitness kick now for about 3 years and like many am constantly discouraged. I’ve spent lots and lots of time second guessing my choices. I post a lot about running and how much I love it, but the truth is that I spend a lot of time doing run/walk intervals. It truly is a shock sometimes to hear how much of a difference I have made in their lives. It makes me even more thankful for the people in my life who have made a difference in MY life. Without THEIR encouragement, it would have made it impossible to be a positive force in the lives of others. To be aware that I can make a difference for someone else and that truly is one of the greatest things in the world. Maybe if I keep plugging away at my fitness deficiencies I’ll be able to one day wear this bib in truth and help even more people. As a friend of mine recently said. Who needs a medal when I saw all those smiling faces?


About being goal oriented.

So NikeSF Lottery opens today and I think for once… I’m not going to enter. I *so* want to run those hills again, especially since there’s that nasty rumor that they’ll stop doing half’s in SF after this. Earlier this year, however, I promised myself I would focus on other areas. The areas I’ve been neglecting by not resisting the lure of race after race after race. I told myself that if I pull back and focus on those problem areas, the running would improve. That if I did more core work and focused on my weak ass, then everything would get stronger and work the way that it is supposed to. That I’d stop going to see Dr Jacob for IT Band issues that he keeps insisting is caused by those weak glutes (Let’s face it – it’s more fun to call it a weak ass!). So more core work, more glute work and definitely slow down the runs so I’m running more consistently and stop doing these crazy short intervals that I’m at.


I’m good at making excuses. But Nike was definitely the race that taught me exactly how stubborn I am and how staying focused on a goal will get me where I want to. Maybe that’s why I’m so sad about it. It holds a special place in my heart. It was only a few years ago that I idly said “I want to run a Marathon.” to a personal trainer at 24Hr Fitness who was probably more interested in the commission he’d get for getting me to sign up than in my actual goals. (I wonder if that’s actually true – do they get commissions?). Back then running 10 minutes on the treadmill was hard and I usually opted for the elliptical which provided a lower impact workout. Now if you tell me that I’m running for 2 hrs I’m all good!

I truly never thought I’d enjoy running. Back in High School it was “Walkers Unite” for us back of the pack gals who didn’t run. Now I’d like nothing more than to consistently run instead of doing intervals and to finally break the 2:40 barrier for the half! This is why I’m going to make every best effort to resist the urge to apply for the NikeSF Lottery. To sit down and focus on my goals. That way at the end of the year when I run the race I am signed up for (with the Team) I’ll be able to knock it out of the park!

Are you overly invested?

I'm not on Foursquare

A few weeks ago, at a friends house, I was involved in a rather interesting conversation regarding Social Media and Location-based services.  A lot of the discussion revolved around privacy which always has been and always will be an interesting and much debated topic.  Some of us involved in the discussion were military brats and thus naturally inclined to be a little more cautious. To loosely quote one participant, “Checking the backseat of my car for wackjobs is a natural inclination.” But not everyone grew up with the same sense of caution that was ingrained with us. (Granted, not everyone live in danger of a suitcase on the sidewalk blowing up on them either).  Location based services made it easy to “check-in” to locations and broadcast through your social networks where you are. And where you are not.  The conversation was sparked by the recent creation of a site called 

In a world where thieves are prolific coupled with a natural inclination of the younger generation to trust easily, privacy is a very big thing (When hasn’t it been?). aggregates data pushed from Foursquare (based on the preferences that YOU as a user set) to Twitter and creates a list of people who “aren’t home right now”.  While I rolled my eyes at the articles written about the site, don’t get me wrong. PLEASEROBME.COM IS A GREAT SITE.  It’s an eye-opener for the seemingly unaware. It’s like those reminders you hear during the fall holidays on the news. “Research those companies you donate to.” or “Don’t leave your packages in the back seat of your car in plain sight.”  They’re things we all know inherently, but our sense of trust makes us forget to navigate life erring on the side of caution.

Foursquare, by default, assumes a lot of choices for you. One of the assumptions it makes is that everyone you add to your friends list are people you WANT there. (You do, don’t you?) However, there are a number of other options it doesn’t assume.  Like how you want to share your data and exactly how much of it you want to share. The auto-follow policy is a much debated topic in Social Media circles and Foursquare is not an exception. It allows you to pull your follow list from Twitter and follow all of those people here too. At first, I allowed everyone who requested the ability to follow my foursquare check-ins.  Even cautious as I was in life, I didn’t see the harm in doing so.  It’s just Internet life right?  Internet stalkers won’t happen to me?  Boy was I wrong I discovered one evening when out with a friend.  I had checked into a local movie theater to watch the latest Twilight release.  Imagine my surprise when I get a text message asking me which team I’m on? Jacob or Edward? (Yes, I’m #teamJacob) I had no idea who the number was from. #freaky!  I responded but also asked who the person texting was.  I knew that with the recent changes in phones, I had lost some phone numbers and others just weren’t connecting to the right names yet. 

jodijodijodiI was lucky. The guy who texted was and is an absolute gentleman. We’ve talked on multiple occasions on a variety of subjects. But not everyone is that lucky. As nice as this guy was, I changed my default options shortly afterwards. I may KNOW most of the people following me there, but I was not comfortable with their ability to have my cell phone number without actually asking me. Even if I didadd that information myself.  I assume that for this EXACT reason, Craigslist now requires phone confirmation when you create a new account. After all, finding out that a rape or crime ring is succeeding because of your business model isn’t exactly the most flattering thing. It’s interesting how often that conversation comes up often though. Just today @jodijodijodi commented on @shih_wei’s new fan. It was funny to see and sparked a whole new thread of comments concerning Mayorships, Shopping and the fun we have “playing” Foursquare.  Because, after all, that’s what it’s supposed to be. A game you play with your friends complete with points. The nice advantages, though, include knowing where your friends are should you feel inclined to join them and the fact that some locations likePCC @Hotel_max and many others are now offering specials to their mayors or visitors. 

@Shih_Wei’s reaction to @jodijodijodi’s post was typical. Like me, she laughed it off and went on with life. But should we interject some caution into our lives?  As I said earlier, I’ve tended to blow naysayers off on the subject. We all approach it with different views because we’ve all been raised to view life differently. I’ve always felt that as long as you proceed with caution in your on AND offline lives that you should be relatively fine. Until today. It was weird. After making an off-hand comment about spending the evening “stealing” mayorships, I checked into two of my evening locatioshih_weins. I needed some things at the MAC store (as in computers, not makeup…) and stole a mayorship.  I chuckled, checked the twitter account of the guy I stole it from and moved on. Later as Iwalked into Footzone Redmond for my weekly run I checked in again and stole the mayorship away from a friend. I laughed and really enjoyed that one. I teased her since she was there for the same run and we joked about it. 

As we were about to depart, one of the employees told me I had a phone call. Weird I thought. Who would be calling me at the store when my phone had good signal?  I answered and was somewhat stunned. The guy on the other end identified himself and associated himself with Foursquare. You’ll have to forgive me, but since I wasn’t really paying full attention, I didn’t get that “name”.  He was upset that I had stolen Mayorship of Footzone from “him” and wanted me to give it back. (You as puzzled as I was at that moment?) I told him that he’s more than welcome to join us, to which he rudely decline. He didn’t want to leave the safety and comfort of his home and his internet connection (mostly his words, not mine) just to check in somewhere.  He wanted me to remove it from my account. The banter went back and forth mostly because I thought he was joking. He even said he hoped I would die! Now being in good humor I commented that since I was sick, that was entirely possible. (This did give him a moment to pause and retract that particular comment. He didn’t want me to die, really…) After a little more ranting, he hung up on me and I stared at the phone in disbelief.  Seriously? You called the store, a store I don’t even own or work at, to whine at me? Get a life dude. Or better yet, respond to this so I can #followfriday you.

At this point I explained to my running group, and the store employees what had transpired in the conversation. @michellegamboa laughed as hard as I did about it and recommended I tweet about it. I really had to restrain myself from grabbing my phone to do so.  Common sense won out though because I’d already delayed our running group long enough. But plan this post I did.  To make it worse, later research showed that I did indeed steal it from my friend and none of the location visitor “handles” matched the one given to me over the phone. Seriously? Consider me shocked, amused and humbled. For the record, I’m humbled by the “rightness” of the stance others have taken against location based services and not the whining nature of idiots like this guy.

10 things right now

Omphaloskepsis is the contemplation of one’s navel as an aid to meditation. Blythe Industries CEO Bob Georgen loves the word.  Why wouldn’t he?  It’s a greek word that is fun to say and just as fun to explain.Maybe you could even challenge your friends to see who can say it ten times fast.  It’s DEFINITELY a tounge twister.  However, even more importantly, it’s a great way to stop take a moment in the busy whirlwind called life and do some important self-evaluation. Here’s an exercise for you.  Take a moment and think about it and write ten things that capture where you are in life right now.  I tried this a few months ago and love keeping  a record.  It’s a great way to show you how you’ve progressed in life. Here’s mine.

  1. Organization is key.  Last night on my drive home I realized, despite how infrequently I used it, how lost I am when I don’t have a current planner.  My life is lived is a series of numbers.  Dates, times, amounts.. all numbers.  A quick stop at Target for a new planner refill and bill organizer helped put me right back on track.  After getting on the data in, I feel much more at peach with myself. Unfortunately, the thing about organizing one area of your life prompts the need for organization in others. I’ve contemplated taking a roommate, but in order to do so I would need to downsize. I don’t have a lot of furniture, but the pieces I have are large enough that I’d either have to store some of it or sell it.  I’m not sure that I want to so I have a lot to think about in this area.
  2. Life is slowly coming back together. Six months after Jack chose to move out and I still live a day to day struggle with myself.  Happily, I’m no longer manic about the quiet or his absence. I still miss him, I probably still love him, but I seriously don’t miss the arguments and frustration.  It still irks me that he admitted to purposefully pushing buttons and PUSHING me into arguments.  Who does that? I know now, even if he doesn’t, that he was looking for those younger years like many people do.  I just wish he had known that he didn’t have to leave to do it. I, however, have become a stronger person.  It’s still a long road, but I’m getting there.
  3. I love having a dog.  He’s a cutie (his bday is today!) and I enjoy his antics on most days.  Many times I wish that I had one of those dog collars from the movie UP! so I knew what was going on in his head.  WTH does all his dog food end up around his bowl ONLY when I’m gone, but he’s a neat eater when I’m home?
  4. I’ve discovered a love for fitness and exercise.  Oddly enough it doesn’t play nicely with my laziness habit, but physically I feel so much better. I took a hike this past summer and a half mile in had trouble breathing.  This past weekend I took another and I loved how much farther I could go!
  5. I’m exploring new areas.  GPS is a godsend and allows me to explore the areas around me without having to worry about getting lost.  Now if I can only remember to fill the gas tank BEFORE it dings that it’s low. Once I’ve got THAT down, than I’ll be able to tell you where Beacon Hill ends and Capitol Hill starts.
  6. My teeth are on a great road to recovery after years of neglect through fear.  I’ve learned the hard way that it’s cheaper to take care of things while they’re small instead of waiting until they’re big.  Much better, not just in cost, but in pain management.
  7. Brian Tracy says I am the most important person in this room. It’s a good mantra to live by when you’re working on Self esteem.
  8. I put my Partylite Candle Business (Tupperware for candles for those unaware) business aside in 2009 because at first I needed a new goal.  Getting out of debt didn’t really apply any longer and than I couldn’t handle it after my husband moved out. Someone last night said that in life, we tend to let our emotions get in the way of business and we can’t do that. When you’re self employed there are no truer words.  Today I’m hopping back on the horse and getting started again. I have a list of potential hostesses to begin with and dates I want to work shows on.  Interested in being one of them?  Give me a call!
  9. I love my ohana. and my friends.  Even those I lost faith in this past summer with everything that went on. I’ve learned though, that I can’t rely on them for emotional stability. I can only rely on myself for that. My ohana, for an example, don’t understand that even though I seem fine that life is still a huge emotional rollercoaster for me. Most days are fine, but there are still pockets of tears. Last night I watched a Webcast for Bunny Delgrosso’s Partylite Unit Meeting in Maryland and she talked about bloodsuckers and firestarters.  I realized that I’ve been the bloodsucker a lot this past year and I don’t want to be. 2010 is the year of the firestarter! or is it the tiger? ;)
  10. For 2010, I’ve purposefully chosen only one word to live by because it can lead into so many different paths.  If you missed my last post, the word is BE. BE ok being myself and being alone. I’ve never been there and it’s ok.  BE better prepared for life and the financial challenges it is putting in front of me. I don’t need to worry as much as I do because, frankly, I could be MUCH WORSE off. BE creative, BE adventrous, BE unafraid.

How about you?

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